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Shimmerstone Staves Hybrid Item

Shimmerstone is a unique mineral found only in frozen mountains. A deep, translucent blue, it is reminiscent of thick ice in its raw form, and it glitters with a three-dimensional field comprised of tiny points of light. Kothamas have long fashioned small amounts of the mineral—relative to their large scale—into foci, contemplating the glittering objects during the day or when there is inclement weather as a substitute for the starry night sky.

Vesk forces, upon first encountering this mineral, noted its calming effect and immediately set to work developing military applications, eventually fashioning it into supplementary weapons for spellcasters.

A shimmerstone staff is a hybrid item that functions as a two-handed advanced melee weapon. While you are wielding a shimmerstone staff, the DCs of your charm and emotion spells and effects are increased by 1.

Shimmerstone Staves (Two-Handed Advanced Melee Weapons)
Uncategorized Level Price Damage Critical Bulk Special
Shimmerstone staff, sunset 6 4,000 2d6 B 1 Unwieldy
Shimmerstone staff, evenfall 11 25,000 5d6 B 1 Unwieldy
Shimmerstone staff, twilight 15 105,000 6d12 B 1 Unwieldy
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