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Holding Gloves

Holding gloves have copper mesh on the fingertips and forming a concavity on the palm. The gloves count as a worn magic item unless you install them in armor, taking up one upgrade slot.

Once per day as a standard action while wearing the gloves, you can use their embedded spell as a spell-like ability. If you hit with a melee attack (including an unarmed strike), you can use the spell from the gloves as a reaction, targeting the same creature the attack hit, without provoking an attack of opportunity. After the first time you cast the spell, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to cast it again, up to two more times on a given day. Once you use a given pair of holding gloves, you can’t use a different pair for 24 hours.

The spell imbued in holding gloves depends on their model, as follows.

Holding Gloves, Mk 1

Level 6; Price 4,250; Bulk L

Hold person (save DC = 12 + your key ability score modifier; caster level 5th)

Holding Gloves, Mk 2

Level 12; Price 35,000; Bulk L

Hold monster (save DC = 14 + your key ability score modifier; caster level 10th)

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