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Dust Goggles

Level 1; Price 120; Bulk —

These goggles of smoked glass are used to protect the wearer’s eyes during dust storms in the wastes of ravaged planets.

When you wear a pair of dust goggles, the penalty to Perception checks from storms is removed and your visibility range isn’t reduced (see Weather). In addition, you reduce your miss chance due to concealment from smoke and fog (including that produced by a smoke grenade or an effect such as fog cloud) by 10% (to a minimum of 0%); this reduction doesn’t stack with any other ability that reduces miss chance due to concealment.

Dust goggles can also be installed in armor (or an android’s armor upgrade slot) as an armor upgrade. This has no effect on weight or cost, but when installed in this way, they do not count toward a character’s limit of two worn magic or hybrid items at once.

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