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Dromada Clutch Hybrid Item

Level 8; Price 9,200; Bulk 1

As dromadas organized into corporations, their extreme wariness led to the development of these cases, designed to protect corporate secrets.

This sleek briefcase can securely hold up to 4 objects of light or negligible bulk. When you purchase a dromada clutch (or have access to one that is unsealed) you can set a command word that magically seals and unseals the briefcase. While sealed, a dromada clutch protects its contents from being viewed—even by x-ray scanners and creatures with sense through. In addition, hybrid and magic items within a sealed dromada clutch cannot be detected by divination effects, such as detect magic and arcane sight. A sealed dromada clutch acts as a container with a permanent security seal spell and a good lock.

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