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Darkwater Grenade Hybrid Item

Level 6; Price 1,400; Bulk L

While diaspora wyrms remain largely unseen, the water they alter has been studied. Science and magic have replicated the creatures’ abilities in devices such as the darkwater grenade.

A darkwater grenade contains compressed, altered water molecules like a diaspora wyrm produces. The grenade has a 20-foot range increment and a capacity of drawn, and its explode special property produces a 10-foot-radius spread of light-absorbing mist, obscuring most sight and providing total concealment. This grenade works underwater and in a vacuum.

A creature that has darkvision treats the field within 5 feet as if it provides only concealment. Magical light from a source of a higher level or CR than the grenade’s negates the effect if the two interact. The mist lingers for 10 minutes, but a light wind or current disperses it in 1 minute, a moderate in 4 rounds, and strong in 1 round.

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