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Creator Capsule

Although it appears to be little more than an oblong case full of electronics, a creator capsule is a tiny 3D printer, with a programmable interface and a supply of UPBs stored in an extradimensional space. As a full action, you can connect the creator capsule wirelessly to your comm unit or computer, then command it to print one or more nonmagical personal or technological items. Printing an item requires you to have the plans on the connected device or an infosphere connection through which you can download the blueprints.

creator capsule takes 1 round to create an item, plus 1 round per bulk of the item above light. No individual printed item can have a bulk greater than 3. The creator capsule consumes itself during the printing process. Although the printer can be stopped as a move action, doing so renders the capsule useless for further printing. An item printed by the creator capsule is of average quality, and it has the statistics of an ordinary item of its type.

Based on its type, a creator capsule has the following cost and level limits on items it creates.

Creator Capsule, Mk 1

Level 4; Price 2,000; Bulk L

Combined cost up to 1,000 credits; item level no higher than 2

Creator Capsule, Mk 2

Level 8; Price 9,000; Bulk L

Combined cost up to 4,500 credits; item level no higher than 6

Creator Capsule, Mk 3

Level 12; Price 38,000; Bulk L

Combined cost up to 19,000 credits; item level no higher than 10

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