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Computer Idol

computer idol is a small statuette that creates a field of good luck during computer use. These figures vary wildly in shape, from religious figures to trivid mascots. When you fail a Computers check, the computer idol allows you to reroll and take the higher result. You must be within 5 feet of your computer idol and able to see it to benefit from it.

computer idol allows a number of rerolls per day based on its type. Once you benefit from a given computer idol, you can’t benefit from a different one for 24 hours.

Computer Idol, Mk 1

Level 4; Price 1,850; Bulk L

One reroll

Computer Idol, Mk 2

Level 8; Price 8,500; Bulk L

Two rerolls

Computer Idol, Mk 3

Level 12; Price 34,000; Bulk L

Three rerolls

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