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Though numerous pharmaceuticals and similar substances can be referred to as medicinals, this entry refers specifically to substances primarily used to treat ailments and which lack addictive properties. However, many medicinals can also be used to help incapacitate a target or capture one largely unharmed. Medicinals can be delivered in the same way as drugs, including via a successful attack with a weapon with the injection weapon special property.

The three most common categories of medicinals are described below. Regardless of a medicinal’s effects, its price is tied to its tier, as shown on the table below.


An analgesic deadens sensory input and is used by medical professionals to reduce sensations of pain. If you take or are injected with an analgesic, you are flat-footed for 1 round per tier of the medicinal. You also gain a bonus (equal to the analgesic’s tier) to saving throws against pain effects for 10 minutes per tier of the medicinal.


An antitoxin is a broad-spectrum medicinal designed to weaken all poisons in your system. When you take or are injected with an antitoxin, you gain a bonus (equal to 3 + the medicinal’s tier) to saving throws against poison for a number of hours equal to its tier.


Numerous mild sedatives commonly available for purchase have legitimate medical uses, but they are also popular among some bounty hunters to help capture their quarries alive. If you take or are injected with a sedative, you take nonlethal damage. A tier 1 sedative deals 1d4 nonlethal damage, a tier 2 sedative deals 2d4 nonlethal damage, a tier 3 sedative deals 4d4 nonlethal damage, and a tier 4 sedative deals 8d4 nonlethal damage. When suffering from an emotion or fear effect that allows a saving throw to negate it, you can take or be injected with a sedative that permits you to immediately attempt a new saving throw with a bonus equal to the sedative’s tier to end the effect, as long as it’s not a permanent or instantaneous effect.

Substance Level Price Dose
Tier 1 1 150 1
Tier 2 5 3,000 1
Tier 3 10 15,000 1
Tier 4 15 23,500 1