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Personal Upgrades

Personal upgrades are a special class of augmentation that do not follow the normal system-limitation rules. Instead, these are broad upgrades that make changes across your entire body, while still allowing for other augmentations. Put more simply, buying a personal upgrade is the easiest way to increase your ability scores.

Personal upgrades may be cybernetics, biotech upgrades, mystical crystals, nanite enhancements, or various other forms of enhancement, and each permanently grants you additional ability score points. Using any of these sorts of items counts as a personal upgrade.

You can gain a total of three personal upgrades, regardless of the source. Each personal upgrade item has a Model number: mk 1, mk 2, or mk 3. A mk 1 personal upgrade grants you +2 points to a single ability score, a mk 2 personal upgrade grants +4 points to a single ability score, and a mk 3 personal upgrade grants you +6 points to a single ability score. Each of your personal upgrades must be a different Model number (for example, you cannot have three mk 1 upgrades, but you can have a mk 1, a mk 2, and a mk 3). You can boost an existing personal upgrade by paying the difference in price between the current Model and the next higher Model. For example, if you have a mk 1 synaptic accelerator granting you +2 points of Strength, you could increase that to a mk 2 synaptic accelerator granting you a total +4 points of Strength by paying 5,100 credits (the difference in price between the mk 1 and mk 2 Models). Be sure to keep track of what upgrades you have applied to which ability scores.

Below are examples of personal upgrades: one each for purely technological upgrades, purely magical upgrades, and hybrid upgrades. These distinctions have no rules differences, but some societies may view them differently.

Table 7–21: Personal Upgrades
Model Level Price Ability Source
Mk 1 3 1,400 +2  
Mk 2 7 6,500 +4  
Mk 3 14 75,000 +6  
Name Level Price Ability Source
Ability Crystal (Magic), MK 1 3 1,400 +2  
Synaptic Accelerators (Technology), MK 1 3 1,400 +2  
Synergizing Symbiote (Hybrid), MK 1 3 1,400 +2  
Ability Crystal (Magic), MK 2 7 6,500 +4  
Synaptic Accelerators (Technology), MK 2 7 6,500 +4  
Synergizing Symbiote (Hybrid), MK 2 7 6,500 +4  
Ability Crystal (Magic), MK 3 14 75,000 +6  
Synaptic Accelerators (Technology), MK 3 14 75,000 +6  
Synergizing Symbiote (Hybrid), MK 3 14 75,000 +6  

Personal Upgrade Descriptions