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Wraith Motes

System Eyes

Wraith motes replace your eyes with glowing red motes of fiery-red light which smolder and produce thin trails of white smoke. Wraith motes allow you to retain all your natural vision abilities, but they can also augment your vision for a number of minutes per day equal to the necrograft’s mark. They can be activated as a swift action, or they can be activated as a reaction whenever you attempt a Perception check. They can be deactivated as a swift action. The wraith motes’ duration need not be used all at once, but it must be used in 1-minute increments.

The vision granted by the wraith motes varies based on the model as follows. Higher-level models can be used to grant the vision options of a lower-level version, but only a single benefit can be gained at a time.

  • Mk 1 wraith motes grant low-light vision.
  • Mk 2 wraith motes grant darkvision with a range of 60 feet.
  • Mk 3 wraith motes grant the see in darkness universal creature ability (allowing you to see perfectly in darkness of any kind, including magical darkness).
  • Mk 4 wraith motes grant the ability to see invisible creatures and objects (per see invisibility).
  • Mk 5 wraith motes allow you to see into both the Ethereal Plane and Shadow Plane.
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