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Grave Wind

System Lungs

A grave wind necrograft replaces your lungs with black, undead lungs that can still pump air and oxygenate blood, but they are also able to exhale a diseased miasma. As a standard action a number of times per day equal to the necrograft’s mark, you can expose an adjacent creature to a necromantic disease. The disease inflicted depends on the model of the grave wind, as indicated in the Grave Wind table above.

These necromantic diseases act as the diseases of the same name, except for the following. The save DC is determined by the necrograft and its recipient. No wound or actual transfer of air is necessary for the disease to affect a target; even someone in armor with its environmental seals active can be exposed. A creature infected with such a disease is not a carrier, so it can’t pass the disease on to other victims. Creatures immune to death effects are immune to these diseases, and any bonus a creature has to saving throws against death effects applies to saves against these diseases. The diseases don’t count as death effects for other purposes, such as raise dead.

Model Disease
Mk 1 Filth fever
Mk 2 Cackle fever
Mk 3 Devil chills
Mk 4 Demon fever
Mk 5 Mummy rot
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