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Necrografts are augmentations utilizing undead organs and necromantic rituals rather than technology. Most worlds outlaw the creation and installation of necrografts (though not their possession), but they can still be found in some less reputable back-alley augmentation clinics on multiple worlds throughout the system and beyond.

Necrografts follow the existing rules for augmentations, but they use different components than biotech and cybernetics. Any biotech or cybernetic augmentation can be created as a necrograft and installed for only 90% of the augmentation’s normal cost, but doing so causes the recipient to gain the necrograft subtype (see below). Necrografts have the same system restrictions that all augmentations share.

For those low on funds, some bone sages and corporations are willing to defer the cost of travel and augmentation for any client who signs a corpse-lease agreement. Necrograft versions of standard prosthetic limbs and necrograft ears, eyes, or tongues (which use the same mechanics as prosthetic limbs but serve as sensory organs and occupy the corresponding system) can even be implanted with no up-front cost. However, the corpselease agreement states that if the recipient dies before paying off all the costs associated with the travel and augmentation, the leasing group owns the patient’s body, which it then uses in creating undead servitors or more necrografts. More advanced necrografts aren’t generally available without payment in full (though complimentary travel is likely to still be offered to customers).

Model Level Price Source
Mk 1 1 200  
Mk 2 6 4,000  
Mk 3 12 30,000  
Mk 4 18 350,000  
Mk 5 20 775,000  
Name System Source
Black Heart Heart or Lungs  
Bone Blade Arm  
Corpseskin Skin  
Crypt Marrow All legs  
Enervating Hand Hand  
Ghoul Glands Skin  
Grave Wind Lungs  
Keening Larynx Throat  
Moonlight Fibers Spinal column  
Necrocortex Brain  
Phantom Basal Ganglia Brain  
Shadow Nerves Spinal Column  
Squirming Entrails Throat  
Stench Glands Skin  
Undead Adrenal Gland Endocrine  
Vampire Voice Throat  
Whispering Gyrus Brain  
Wraith Motes Eyes  

Necrograft Subtype

Adding even a single necrograft to a living body causes the recipient creature to gain the necrograft subtype. Abilities, items, and spells that detect or identify undead reveal necrografts (identifying only the augmentations as undead, rather than the recipient creature as a whole).

Creatures with this subtype are also damaged by spells that damage undead and can be subjected to other undead-specific effects. If a spell or ability that does something other than deal damage would not normally affect such a creature but does affect undead, it can affect a creature with the necrograft subtype, but that creature gains a bonus to its AC and saving throw against the effect equal to 4 – the number of necrografts it has (to a minimum bonus of +0).

Necrograft Descriptions

In addition to necrograft versions of typical biotech and cybernetics, there are many unique necrografts that can be created using only necromancy. These necrografts come in five possible models (mk 1 through mk 5) and vary in price by model as detailed on Table 1–22: Necrografts below. If a necrograft’s effect requires a saving throw, the save DC equals 10 + half the necrograft’s item level + the recipient’s key ability score modifier. In addition, this section presents an additional system that some augmentations must be installed in: the body’s endocrine system. The endocrine system uses all of the same rules for augmentation systems.

Model Level Price Source
Mk 1 1 200  
Mk 2 6 4,000  
Mk 3 12 30,000  
Mk 4 18 350,000  
Mk 5 20 775,000