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Force Soles

Nodes in the soles of your feet project tiny fields of force energy when you intentionally step into thin air, allowing you to walk as if you were on solid ground as long as you are not encumbered, even in zero gravity. Ascending into the air is similar to walking up an incline. The maximum upward angle possible is 45 degrees, and you move at a rate equal to half your normal land speed. You can move your full land speed horizontally or up to 45 degrees downward. Unless you have mk 2 force soles, you must end your movement on the ground or you fall.

Force Soles, Mk 1

Source Starfinder Armory

Item Level 4; Price 2,260; System All feet

Force Soles, Mk 2

Source Starfinder Armory

Item Level 8; Price 10,700; System All feet