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Aeon Gage

Source Starfinder #8: Escape from the Prison Moon

Item Level 16; Price 200,000; System Hand

An aeon gage not only functions as a polyhand, but it also has six sockets in which aeon stones can be slotted. You gain the benefit of each aeon stone slotted in your aeon gage as if the stone orbited you. If all six sockets contain aeon stones, you can also cast one or more of the spells listed below as spell-like abilities. Total the item levels of the aeon stones slotted into the aeon gage to determine the spells you have access to. While you have access to a spell, you also have access to any spell from a lower level range, as follows: 6–30, caustic conversion; 31-60, arcing surge; 61–90, corrosive haze; 91–120, heat leech. The aeon gage has a number of charges per day equal to twice the highest level of spell it provides as a spell-like ability. Using a spell-like ability from the gage consumes a number of charges equal to that spell’s level. The caster level for these spells is 16th.