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System Brain

Model Level Price Source
Standard 2 625  
High-density 5 2,600  
Accelerated 8 8,525  

This cybernetic includes a programmable data port that allows you to access different types of computers and digital storage media. Any handheld computer can be inserted directly into the port, while larger systems need to be connected by an adapter cable. Having the system connected directly to your nervous system obviates the need for an interface to access data on a system. Actually operating the system requires you to use the Computers skill as usual. Some closed systems don’t allow data access or require you to do some rewiring to connect with a datajack (usually an Engineering check).

Advanced datajacks make it easier to process and send information through the datajack. With a high-density datajack, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Computer checks when accessing a system via your datajack. An accelerated datajack instead provides a +2 bonus.