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Glass Skin

Source SFAA2

Item Level 4; Price 2,000; System Skin Augmentation Biotech 

Glass serpent scales are a wonder of evolution, capturing and bending light with their unique molecular structure. Simply skinning a dead glass snake results in a pretty but useless hide, as the motion of the scales and their relationship to the muscle underneath are both key to their function.

When properly harvested and arranged, the scales can effectively augment armor or even other creatures’ skins, granting the wearers a measure of the serpents’ invisibility.

Originally developed by technomancers, this glasstech was quickly replicated by drow arms dealers, and from there it spread throughout the universe.

This biotech modification covers your skin with tiny, clear scales that shimmer with rainbows, as if you were constantly encased in a thin layer of ice or glass. Once per day, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to become temporarily invisible (as the invisibility spell) for up to 1 minute.