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Tactical Shield

A tactical shield is a small, mobile defensive plate you carry on one limb and can maneuver to intercept attacks against you.

A hand wielding a tactical shield can still hold another object and be used to reload weapons, but it cannot wield weapons or other shields. You can use a tactical shield to make unarmed attacks that do not count as archaic.

When you wield a basic tactical shield, as a move action you can align the shield to grant you greater protection against one opponent you are observing, which grants you a +1 shield bonus to AC against attacks from that opponent until the beginning of your next turn. The field and advanced tactical shields grant you a +1 shield bonus to AC when wielded, though this does not increase when aligned against a target. The elite tactical shield increases the shield bonus when aligned against a target to +2, and the paragon tactical shield increases this to +3.

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