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Neutronium Shell

Level 12; Price 37,500; Armor Slots 2; Armor Type Heavy, Powered; Bulk 1

Now that the techniques of obtaining and working with neutronium have spread, manufacturers have sought to use it in more products.

Though neutronium is expensive and difficult to work with, producers of golemforged plating heavy armor have begun to also sell a technique that gives heavy and powered armor a small portion of the neutronium golem’s resistances.

A suit of heavy or powered armor can be sprayed with a thin coat of magically stabilized neutronium. It takes an hour to apply a neutronium shell, and 8 hours of work to remove one.

The armor grants electricity resistance 10 and resistance 15 against damage done by laser weapons or other light-based attacks (this doesn’t stack with any other resistances that would reduce similar damage, such as fire resistance).

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