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Grandchild’s Cloak

Capacity: 10; Capacity: 3/round

This upgrade is imprinted upon the interior of the armor in the shape of a curled rat. A grandchild’s cloak uses a combination of holographic fields and illusion magic to render you invisible for a short period of time. You can activate a grandchild’s cloak as a move action, and its benefits last until you spend another move action to deactivate it, it runs out of charges, or if you make any kind of attack (as described in the invisibility spell), whichever comes first.
The much rarer greater grandchild’s cloak—which followers of Grandmother Rat stridently insist does not exist—functions as a standard grandchild’s cloak, but it uses only 2 charges per round and its benefits do not end if you attack.
A grandchild’s cloak’s charges replenish each day. This upgrade can be installed only in light armor.

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