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The galaxy is full of talented scholars, navigators, technicians, and other highly skilled individuals, but effective teaching requires its own mastery. An instructor is not merely a master of their craft; they have dedicated themselves to passing their wisdom on to the next generation of scholars, navigators, technicians, and others.

Numerous organizations throughout the galaxy have such masters among their ranks imparting their knowledge. Corporations have also been known to poach instructors from classrooms and research labs with the promise of higher salaries and greater flexibility. Biotech firms in particular attempt to lure teachers to consult on classified projects, after the would-be instructor agrees to stringent nondisclosure terms and meets all security requirements.

Other instructors eschew academies and corporations alike, preferring to travel the galaxy with an apprentice or small group of students and lend their talents where needed. For those wishing to become instructors in their field, a credentialed university program is not the only path to becoming a respected teacher. Notable practitioners in countless fields have sought their own reclusive mentors or gained their mastery from years of hard-won experience.

Prerequisite(s): You must have 9 ranks in one skill that is a class skill for you before taking the instructor archetype. This skill is referred to as your chosen skill in the class features that follow.

Alternate Class Features

The instructor archetype grants alternate class features at 9th, 12th, and 18th levels.

Mastery (Ex) 9th Level

Your expertise allows you to apply your chosen skill with calm focus even when others would be distracted by the circumstances. Twice per day, you can take 10 with your chosen skill even in circumstances that normally prevent you from doing so. If you can take 10 or take 20 (including via mastery), you can expend a use of this feature to reduce the DC by 5, stacking with up to one other DC-lowering ability from another source (such as your theme). At 12th level, you can use this feature three times per day, and at 18th level, you can use it four times per day.

Efficient Mentor (Ex) 12th Level

Your education and experience in your chosen skill are vast, and you’re talented at conveying knowledge to others when they look to you for assistance. When you attempt to aid another on a skill check, you do so in half the normal time if that time is measured in units other than actions. For tasks requiring actions, one that normally takes a full action takes you only a standard action. One that normally takes a standard action takes you only a move action, and if the task usually requires only a move action, you can do it as a swift action.

If you instead take the normal amount of time to aid another, the bonus you impart increases to +4 instead of the normal +2. At 18th level, you grant this +4 bonus even when you aid another quickly, and if you instead take the full time to aid another, you grant a +6 bonus instead of the normal +2.

Legendary Mastery (Ex) 18th Level

You can apply your knowledge with precision and focus born of years of practice. Twice per day, you can take 20 with your chosen skill even in situations wherein taking 20 is normally impossible. If you do so and taking 20 would have negative repercussions, such as when hacking a system with Computers, you notice the possible consequences before they occur and can stop, deal with the problem, then return to taking 20.

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