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Different martial systems call it different things; chi, ki, ib, vital force, aura, etc. but the unified life force of a being can be controlled. Some monks call it “starshine” because they believe it is an unseen aura of energy that extends the range of their unarmed strikes an inch or so above their body.

Starshine Aura [4th Level]

By spending 1 RP you gain a starshine aura for 1 minute as a swift action. If you miss by 2 or less on an unarmed attack or operative melee weapon roll you hit but deal 1/2 damage. A critical hit causes the attack to deal damage normally and trigger its typical effect, rather than gain a damage multiplier. This aura is invisible and has no effect on those who can perceive it (typically via blindsense or blindsight).

Burning Aura [9th level]

Your starshine aura now triggers if you miss by 3 or less, rather than 2 or less. In addition, it has a 50% chance of succeeding on creatures who can perceive your aura.

Novastar Aura [18th level]

Your starshine aura now affects all creatures and provides you with a +1 bonus to your EAC when active, regardless if they can see your aura or not.

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