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Starshine (3pp)

Different martial systems call it different things; chi, ki, ib, vital force, aura, etc but the unified life force of a being can be controlled. The Tao Rev have a secret technique that only their mind-monks learn called “starshine” that creates an unseen aura of energy that extends the range of their unarmed strikes an inch or so above their body.

Starshine Aura [4th Level]

By spending 1 RP you gain a starshine aura for 1 minute as a swift action. If you miss by 2 or less on an unarmed attack or operative melee weapon roll you hit but deal 1/2 damage. A critical hit causes the attack to deal damage normally and trigger its typical effect, rather than gain a damage multiplier. This aura is invisible and has no effect on those who can perceive it (typically via blindsense or blindsight).

Burning Aura [9th level]

Your starshine aura now triggers if you miss by 3 or less, rather than 2 or less. In addition, it has a 50% chance of succeeding on creatures who can perceive your aura.

Novastar Aura [18th level]

Your starshine aura now affects all creatures and provides you with a +1 bonus to your EAC when active, regardless if they can see your aura or not.

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