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Spider’s Waltz

First developed by an unknown multi-armed race, Spider’s Waltz has become known for its showy, dance-like combat approach. With the advent of additional limb augmentation, spider’s waltz has become the premier style for multi-weapon combat.

Made wildly popular by a series of films starring a 5-armed swordsman, the style has seen a surge of imitators. Despite this popularity there aren’t that many true Spider’s Waltz students, mostly a large number of fans who pose a greater threat to themselves than anyone else. Still, those trained in Spider’s Waltz don’t want for employment, be it as bodyguards or as show fighters.

Requirement: You must have more than 2 arms, either racially or via augmentation, to take this technique archetype.

Multiweapon Student [4th level]

You gain Multiweapon Fighting as a bonus feat.

Additionally, the feat applies to all one-handed melee weapon, not just operative weapons. Finally, if you also have Improved Unarmed Strike, when making a full attack action with unarmed strikes you treat your unarmed strikes as separate weapons for the purpose of Multiweapon Fighting.

Blades For All [9th level]

You have studied hard on dividing your attention between weapons, so addressing multiple assailants isn’t so hard for you. Creatures do not receive a bonus to attack rolls for flanking you. They still count as flanking you for the purpose of class features and other effects.

Multiweapon Master [18th level]

The benefit of your Multiweapon Fighting feat applies to all melee weapons, not just operative weapons.

Additionally, the feat reduces the penalty for full attacking with 2 or more different melee weapons by 2 instead of 1 (i.e. full attacking with 2 different weapons now only inflicts a -2 penalty).

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