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Their name translates to something like “rocket fist” and that’s because a master of this style strikes with the force of an explosive. Taught only to elite soldiers and assassins the use a little known principle to convert some small fraction of mass they impart into pure energy with each strike. This style allows unarmed individuals to fight heavily armored or even mechanized infantry. Their sparking strikes strike fear into the hearts of armored foes wherever they go.

Raketenfaust [4th Level]

Each time you successfully strike a foe with an unarmed strike or battleglove you can pay 1 RP as a free action to take 1 point of HP damage and your attack automatically counts as if it had the penetration quality (treating your class level as the item level of the unarmed strike).

Atomfaust [9th Level]

It no longer costs RP to use your Raketenfaust technique. You still take 1 HP of damage.

Sternenzerstörer [18th Level]

When hit with an attack from a ship-scale enemy you take normal damage (rather than x10) if you pay 1 RP as reaction so long as you are wearing powers armor or wielding a battle glove.

Sidebar: Appropriate Weapons

Starshine can be used with unarmed strikes or operative melee weapons and Raketenfaust can be done using battlegloves and unarmed strikes. At a GM’s discretion they may allow similar weapons to be used with the techniques.

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