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Hullbreaker (Soldier)

The hullbreaker excels at boarding maneuvers and more importantly, shattering the walls of vessels that they board. The more chaos that they can cause due to depressurization or other calamities, the more confused their enemy will be. In this way, the hullbreaker protects the family that she left on her craft from harm, by utterly destroying her enemies.

Prerequisites: This archetype may only be taken by a soldier, and the alternative class features only replace soldier class features.

4th-Level Alternative Class Feature

Anti-Mechanic (Ex): At 4th level, as a swift action, the hullbreaker can examine a machine and find its weak point by succeeding at an Engineering check, adding her soldier level against a DC of 10 + the object’s hardness. If successful, the hullbreaker gains a +2 bonus on attack rolls against that machine until the end of her turn, and any attacks she makes until the end of her turn ignore the machine’s damage reduction or hardness. The ability can only be used on objects, constructs, and creatures with the technological subtype.

6th-Level Alternative Class Feature

Sunder Training (Ex): At 6th level, a hullbreaker receives additional training in sunder combat maneuvers. She gains a +2 bonus when attempting sunder combat maneuver checks and a +2 bonus to her KAC when defending against sunder maneuvers. At 8th level, these bonuses increase by 1, and she gains a +2 bonus on disarm combat maneuver checks and a +2 bonus to her KAC when defending against a disarm maneuver. At 12th, 16th, and 20th levels, these bonuses increase by 1.

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