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Heliacal Healer (Mystic [Healer])

This mystic is a master of tending to the needs of patients that are injured by the strange and unknowable dangers lurking out in the darkness of the void. They are critical members of any crew that ventures out among the stars for long periods of time.

Role: Heliacal healers obviously excel as combat medics, able to keep their teammates healthy during combat and patch them up afterward.

Alignment: Heliacal healers have no particular proclivity toward a specific alignment, as anyone can see the value in keeping their allies up and running.

Requirements: Only a mystic with the healer connection may choose this archetype, and the alternative class features only replace mystic class features.

2nd-Level Alternative Class Feature

Crewmates (Ex): At 2nd level, you may designate up to two creatures that you have used your healing touch or healing channel abilities on at least three times as a member of your crew. At 3rd level and every level thereafter, you may designate two additional creatures as members of your crew, to a maximum of 38 at 20th level. You add half your class level (minimum +1) on all Medicine skill checks made to benefit any member of your crew. Whenever you heal any member of your crew, you heal one additional hit point per die rolled.

If any member of your crew dies, or stops traveling with you for a number of weeks equal to your level, they are no longer considered members of your crew. You may disavow any creature from being a member of your crew if they purposefully cause you harm.

6th-Level Alternative Class Feature

Fast Dose (Ex): At 6th level, when administering medicinals to any member of your crew, you may do so as a swift action, regardless of whether they are willing or not.

12th-Level Alternative Class Feature

Medical Emergency (Su): At 12th level, as a standard action you may expend two Resolve points to grant fast healing equal to your Wisdom modifier to every member of your crew within 30 feet. This fast healing lasts for a number of rounds equal to ½ your mystic level.

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