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Gnome Robomancer (Technomancer)

Never a people to leave something undiscovered, technology from distant worlds and unknown civilizations is something that gnomes find fascinating. They combine arcane arts and their knowledge of mechanical wonders to blend science and sorcery into something new and glorious. These technomancers have even found a way to create powerful drones which can use magic power as well..

Requirements: This archetype can only be taken by a technomancer, and the alternative class features only replace technomancer class features.

2nd, 8th, 12th, and 18th-Level Alternative Class Feature

Arcane Drone (Ex): The robomancer learns how to create a powerful drone which can even tap into his own magical abilities. Use the rules for creating a drone from the mechanic class, using the robomancer’s technomancer level as her effective mechanic level for all of the drone’s abilities.

9th-Level Alternative Class Feature

Spell Conduit (Su): The robomancer’s drone can channel his magical energy through itself. The robomancer must spend a standard action then as both a standard and a move action the drone can cast one of the robomancer’s spells with a casting time of one standard action or less, using the drone as the origin of the spell’s effect. The drone is treated as the caster of the spell for all purposes, but the technomancer’s spell slot is used up as if he had cast the spell normally.

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