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While many individuals of many different races have at least one cybernetic implant due to health problems or to compensate for a severe injury, there are also a few who choose to upgrade their bodies. Cyborgs are characters that love their cybernetic augmentations like other characters love their tattoos. Cyborgs are able to handle a greater number of cybernetic augmentations than most characters.

For the most part, cyborgs come from races with internal skeletons and humanoid anatomy, though there are examples of races with exoskeletons or no skeleton augmenting themselves. Not all characters with cybernetic enhancements are cyborgs. This archetype represents someone who views cybernetic augmentation as an art form.

Cyborgs are well suited for the soldier, operative, or mechanic character classes.

The Cyborg grants alternate class features at 2nd and 6th level. In addition, the cyborg can choose to take the deus ex machina class feature at 6th, 12th, or 18th level.

Well Connected 2nd Level

You have a network of dealers and contacts and a knack for finding new cybernetic augmentations. Items not normally available may be available for you. Item availability is increased by 1 level. In typical settlements, you can find and purchase anything with an item level no greater than your character level + 2, and at major settlements items up to your character level + 3. As always, the GM can restrict access to some items. You also gain a 10% discount on the purchase price of cybernetic augmentations.

Born To Augment 4th Level

Normally your body can only support one augmentation per body system. One of your body systems can support two augmentations without purchasing an augmentation plexus. Select a single body system which can be augmented with two cybernetic augmentations.

Cyberphile 12th Level

Your love of cybernetic augmentations gives you greater insight on combining multiple augmentations into single body systems without using an augmentation plexus. You gain two additional body systems which can support up to two cybernetic augmentations, or one body system which can support a third augmentation if you combine this with Born to Augment.

Deus Ex Machina Varies

You have become so in tune with one of your cybernetic augmentations that it provides double the normal bonus. Any cybernetic augmentation that provides you a bonus to an ability check, to hit roll, damage roll, skill check, or saving throw can be selected for this bonus.

To gain the benefit of this class feature the cybernetic augmentation must have been installed at least 1 level prior to you selecting this class feature. Deus ex machina can only be selected once but at a variable level. You do not have to select deus ex machina class feature it is optional.

If by misfortune or intention you lose the cybernetic augmentation to which deus ex machina was applied, you lose the benefit of this class feature. The class feature can only be regained by replacing the lost cybernetic augmentation with one identical to the original cybernetic augmentation.

You cannot combine the deus ex machina class feature with the Cybernetic Savant feat. However, if you choose to use the deus ex machina class feature on an augmentation already selected by the Cybernetic Savant feat you can immediately apply the feat to a different augmentation.

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