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Buster Arts

Nothing is more deadly than a mage on a rampage and many years ago an elite collection of great mystic minds bound themselves together to come up with the ultimate anathema for their arts. Distilled into the simplest terms they are taught to licensed bondsmen known as “Busters” who take on contracts to hunt down rogue mages, protect clients or locations from arcane threats, or oversee detention facilities for the magically inclined.

Stage 1 Buster Arts [4th Level]

Any time you attack you can spend 1 RP after successfully damaging a creature you know has the ability to cast spells or spell like abilities. This shuts down 1 of their “magical nodes” for 1 minute. For the purpose of this technique a creature has 1 magical node for every caster level they have (or effective caster level). If a character has any node shutdown in this fashion they must always make a caster level check when casting spells. The DC to pass it is 10 + the spell’s level + 1 for every node shut down. If you make multiple attacks in a round you can use this multiple times per turn (though each time causes 1 RP). If a character has all their nodes shut down in this fashion they cannot cast spells. You cannot shut down more magical nodes than a character has. A character can make a Mysticism check to repair magical nodes in their body or in the body of an adjacent ally. The DC is 20 and it fixes 1 magical node + 1 for every 2 above 20 the result of the check is.

Stage 2 Buster Arts [9th Level]

Whenever you use your buster art you shut down 1 magical node per 4 character levels you have. If you make multiple attacks per round only the first shuts down multiple magical nodes; each one after the first only shuts down 1 per attack.

Stage 3 Buster Arts [18th Level]

You gain a +4 bonus on saves against all spells and spell-like abilities.

Sidebar: Licensed Busters

Becoming a buster requires that you be insured, licensed, and bonded. This all costs 25,000 credits but most agencies will cover your costs and let you work it off by doing jobs for them. This is a great way to get some introductory plot and get swept up in the story!

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