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Creatures by CR

The following section lists creatures by CR and alphabetically. In the case of templates, only the creature presented with a full stat block is included.

Table: Creatures by CR
CR Creatures
CR 1/3 Elemental (tiny), skittermander whelp, space goblin zaperator, symbiend
CR 1/2 Anacite wingbot, formian worker, maraquoi hunter, skeletal undead (undead minion)
CR 1 Assembly ooze, drow enforcer, elemental (small), observer-class security robot, occult zombie (undead minion), reptoid, ryphorian technician
CR 2 Contemplative, draelik, early stage barathu, electrovore, hesper, ikeshti brood-minder, kalo sharkhunter, skittermander, space goblin honchohead, verthani aether pilot
CR 3 Aeon Guard, cybernetic zombie (undead minion), elemental (medium), formian warrior, haan, Swarm corrovox, urog, wrikreechee
CR 4 Crest-eater, gray, ksarik, nuar enforcer, patrol-class security robot, shobhad
CR 5 Barathu, elemental (large), ikeshti rivener, kalo deepspeaker, nihili, ryphorian Skyfire pilot, sarcesian sniper
CR 6 Caypin, Damoritosh’s arm host (symbiend), mountain eel, orocoran, reptoid master, witchwyrd
CR 7 Aeon Guard specialist, anacite laborer, apari, barachius angel, bloodbrother, elemental (huge), haan combat pilot, shobhad warleader
CR 8 Maraquoi shaman, marooned one, nuar specialist, sarcesian cybercommando, sharpwing
CR 9 Dragonkin, elemental (greater), ellicoth, orocoran ichor lord, scavenger slime, surnoch, verthani pure one
CR 10 Anhamut (inevitable), Swarm thresher lord, void hag
CR 11 Blue dragon (young adult), drow noble arms dealer, elemental (elder)
CR 12 AHAV, asteray, frujai soldier
CR 13 Necrovite, nihili captain
CR 14 Deh-nolo
CR 15 Bryrvath
CR 16 Oma
CR 17 Hallajin
CR 18 Contemplative mentor
CR 19 Endbringer devil, frujai colony
CR 20 Kyokor
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